I,  Mike Chelin, have owned a hydraulic company in South Africa called Hybar for the past 35 years. Therefore all the components are made in house for the horse treadmills / equine treadmills, and all major components are available overseas. I have been involved in the horse game for 40 years, and started FLUID MOTION SERVICES 14 years ago. I own race horses, as well as breeding race horses. In my youth I played polo and did show jumping, therefore I have a great insight into horse’s needs.

How I got involved in Equine / Horse Treadmills and  Horse Walkers:

I had a top racehorse called National Tune who beat a horse of Mike De Kock’s called Benny Blue. Benny Blue went on to Dubai, while my horse kept on going lame, as he was a bit too straight in front. This is when I looked into Equine Treadmills / Horse Treadmills and found out Mrs Plattner had purchased one. Brett Crawford was her trainer at the time. I contacted Brett and went to look at the unit. I informed him that I could make a better Horse treadmill at half the price, which I did. I sold my ­first Horse treadmill / Equine treadmill to Alister Gordon at the beginning of 2008. This Horse treadmill is still in operation today.

Our ­first Equine treadmill / Horse treadmill took us eight months to develop.  As I wanted to fit air bags under the floor, so as to take out more shock/impact on the horses legs when running on the horse treadmill. This design was similar to the Nike running shoes, “running on air”.  With this system you are able to increase your air pressure to suit the horses requirements.

For example: if  you have a horse that is recovering from an injury.  You will lessen the impact by dropping the air pressure to 1.8 Bars.  If you are requiring the horse to run on a firm surface, you will increase the air pressure to 3.5 Bars. This system also gives you longer life on your conveyer belt and less wear on your steel plate.

This is what makes our Horse Treadmill / Equine Treadmill UNIQUE to all the other Treadmills manufactured around the world.

We have repeatedly refined and improved our Horse treadmills /Equine Treadmill over the years.


I was approached by the Stud Farms to manufacture Horse walkers, which I started doing so, six years ago. Our main aim was to make these products affordable for the average South African Trainers and Stud Farms. We have gone on to re­fine and improve Horse walkers over the past few years.



Fluid Motion Services manufactures Proudly South African Horse Treadmills and Horse Walkers.

We currently manufacture a far superior Horse Treadmill . Due to demand we have also produced

Horse Walkers for top stud farms and trainers in South Africa. All components, Hydraulic and Electrical, are available worldwide.

In 2008 our first Horse Treadmill was installed. Since then, we have installed numerous Horse Treadmills to top trainers across South Africa, as well as International Trainers.

Our Horse Treadmills and Horse Walkers have been supplied to well-known Trainers and Stud Farms worldwide.